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Worldcup FIS Ski

Rossignol - Hero Athlete FIS SG (R22)

Radius: >40.0m Sidecut: - - System R22
€637.50 €750.00

Blizzard - Firebird GS FIS (Flat+Plate)

Radius: 23.0m (183cm)
€599.00 €900.00

Blizzard - Firebird GS FIS RACING (Flat+Plate)

Radius: 23.0m (183cm)
€449.00 €600.00

Blizzard - Firebird JR SL FIS Racing (Flat+Plate)

Radius: 10.0m (136cm)
€270.00 €450.00

Blizzard - Firebird SL FIS (Flat+Plate)

Radius: 13.0m (165cm)
€599.00 €900.00

Blizzard - Firebird SL FIS RACING (Flat+Plate)

Radius: 12.0m (150cm)
€449.00 €600.00

Blizzard - GS Fis Racing (Flat+Plate)

Sandwich Compound Sidewall, Wood, Titanium, FIS-Racing Construction.
€299.00 €899.00

Blizzard - SG Fis Race Dept (Flate + Plate)

Sandwich Compound Sidewall, Wood, Titanium, FIS-Racing Construction.
€289.00 €999.00

Blizzard - Firebird GS Racing (Flat Plate)

Radius: 23.0 m
€449.00 €600.00

Nordica - Dobermann GSJ (Plate)

DOBERMANN GSJ: the perfect blend of wood, titanium and sidecut allows young racers to maintain a much needed edge grip at high speeds while maintaining a smooth and even flexing ski that doesn’t hinder development.
€290.00 €450.00

Nordica - Dobermann GS WC (Plate)

The DOBERMANN GS WC is one of the most successful skis on the World Cup. This special model features a rapid race tip combined with the ultimate blend of Titanium and wood core to make it easy for up and coming racers to arc, edge, stivot and win on any course.
€560.00 €900.00

Nordica - Dobermann SLJ (Plate)

For rapidly progressing slalom skiers, the DOBERMANN SLJ is a woodcore vertical laminated ski with a sheet of titanium that offers easy-to-access power in the gates. A magic mix of wood, titanium and sidecut, it’s custom designed to give young racers superior edge grip and performance.
€290.00 €450.00

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