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Racing Ski

Rossignol - Hero Athlete GS - R22

Sidecut: 103-63-85 (182cm) Radius: 25.0m (182cm)
€350.00 €655.00

Rossignol - Hero Athlete GS Open - Junior

Poplar Wood Core Mini Cap Rectangular Sidewall Fiber 1/2 Titanal (144 cm)
€150.00 €305.00

Rossignol - Hero Athlete GS Pro - R20 Pro

Sidecut: 101-64-84 (144cm) Radius: 15.0m (144cm) · System R20 Pro · Rectangular Sidewall · Poplar Wood Core · 1/2 Titanal Fiber (135 cm) - Titanal Construction (165 cm)
€189.00 €390.00

Rossignol - Hero Athlete GS Pro (R21 Pro)

Radius: 14.0m(135cm), 15.0m(144cm), 17.0m(151cm), 18.0m(158cm), 19.0m(165cm) Sidecut: 102|66|84mm(135cm), 101|64|84mm(144cm), 102|65|85mm(151cm), 104|65|86mm(185cm), 106|65|87mm(165cm) - System R21 PRO - Line Control Technology - LCT Core (165cm) - Fiber - Rectangular Sidewall - Poplar Wood Core, Beech Wood Core(165cm)
€245.00 €385.00

Rossignol - Hero Athlete SG Racing

Radius: >30.0m Sidecut: -
€599.00 €950.00

Rossignol - Hero Athlete SL Pro (R21)

Radius: 11.0m(149cm), 10.0m(142cm), 9.0m(135cm), 8.0m(128cm) Sidecut: 115|65|100mm(149cm), 114|65|99mm(142cm), 113|65|99mm(135cm), 112|65|98mm(128cm) - System R21 PRO - 1/2 Titanal Fiber (149-142cm) - Fiber - Rectangular Sidewall - Poplar Wood Core
€245.00 €385.00

Rossignol - Hero Master (R22)

· System R22 · Rectangular Sidewall · Ash Wood Core · Titanal Construction
€499.00 €975.00

Blizzard - Firebird GS Racing (Flat Plate)

Radius: 23.0 m
€449.00 €600.00

Nordica - Dobermann GSJ

€99.00 €399.00

Head - WC Rebels i.Speed RP incl. Head Freeflex Evo 14 binding

Buckle up and stay off all slow-marked slopes, because with the i Speed, you might have your ticket pulled.

Rossignol - Hero Athlete GS Open

Fiber, Rectangular Sidewall, Poplar Wood Core

Völkl - Racetiger GS PRO incl. Marker Xcomp 12 GW binding

UVO 3D, 3D.Glass, Powered by Titanium, Full Sidewall, Race Finish 0,8° / 87,6°, Base: P-Tex 4504, Speedwall Multil. Woodcore, Beech/Poplar 70/30
€499.00 €1000.00

Augment - SL World Cup Pro

The Augment SL World Cup Pro offers you maneuverability with maximum edge grip and first-class torsional strength. This ski is built with the same materials as our World Cup SL skis and individually adjusted in terms of stiffness in order to get a perfect match for our master athletes.

Augment - SL Junior Race

The Augment SL Junior Race Skis can be individually adapted to the weight of the athlete, so we give the athlete a unique competitive advantage. By adjusting the stiffness, the driving result can be further improved, every racer gets his optimal ski flex.

Augment - GS World Cup Pro

The Augment GS World Cup Pro Racing Ski is ready for every giant slalom race. The GS WC Pro is a copy of the World Cup FIS GS Ski. This ski has a wider geometry, which maximizes stability and edge grip.

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