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Rossignol - Hero Athlete FIS SG (R22)

Radius: >40.0m Sidecut: - - System R22
€637.50 €750.00

Rossignol - Hero Athlete GS - R22

Sidecut: 103-63-85 (182cm) Radius: 25.0m (182cm)
€350.00 €655.00

Rossignol - Hero Athlete GS Open - Junior

Poplar Wood Core Mini Cap Rectangular Sidewall Fiber 1/2 Titanal (144 cm)
€150.00 €305.00

Rossignol - Hero Athlete GS Pro (R21 Pro)

Radius: 14.0m(135cm), 15.0m(144cm), 17.0m(151cm), 18.0m(158cm), 19.0m(165cm) Sidecut: 102|66|84mm(135cm), 101|64|84mm(144cm), 102|65|85mm(151cm), 104|65|86mm(185cm), 106|65|87mm(165cm) - System R21 PRO - Line Control Technology - LCT Core (165cm) - Fiber - Rectangular Sidewall - Poplar Wood Core, Beech Wood Core(165cm)
€230.00 €385.00

Rossignol - Hero Athlete SG Racing

Radius: >30.0m Sidecut: -
€599.00 €950.00

Rossignol - Hero Master (R22)

· System R22 · Rectangular Sidewall · Ash Wood Core · Titanal Construction
€499.00 €975.00

Blizzard - Black Pearl 88 (Flat)

As the world's best selling women's ski, the Black Pearl 88 shines as the versatile, all-around ski offering the ultimate ride through all types of terrain. With an 88 mm waist, and a women's specific Carbon Flipcore W.S.D. construction, the Black Pearl 88 performs on groomers, in the trees, through bumps and in powder.
€350.00 €550.00

Blizzard - Brahma 88 (Flat)

The Brahma 88 is the go-to all-mountain ski on days when the cold temps and dry spells make for firm snow conditions. At 88mm underfoot, the super versatile Brahma puts the fun into every type of snow condition and terrain the mountain has to offer. The Brahma is your ticket to truly own the mountain.
€420.00 €600.00

Blizzard - Firebird GS FIS (Flat+Plate)

Radius: 23.0m (183cm)
€599.00 €900.00

Blizzard - Firebird GS FIS RACING (Flat+Plate)

Radius: 23.0m (183cm)
€449.00 €600.00

Blizzard - Firebird JR SL FIS Racing (Flat+Plate)

Radius: 10.0m (136cm)
€270.00 €450.00

Blizzard - Firebird SL FIS (Flat+Plate)

Radius: 13.0m (165cm)
€599.00 €900.00

Blizzard - Firebird SL FIS RACING (Flat+Plate)

Radius: 12.0m (150cm)
€449.00 €600.00

Blizzard - GS Fis Racing (Flat+Plate)

Sandwich Compound Sidewall, Wood, Titanium, FIS-Racing Construction.
€299.00 €899.00

Blizzard - SG Fis Race Dept (Flate + Plate)

Sandwich Compound Sidewall, Wood, Titanium, FIS-Racing Construction.
€289.00 €999.00

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