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Rossignol - Hero Athlete GS - R22

Sidecut: 103-63-85 (182cm) Raggio: 25.0m (182cm)
€350,00 €655,00

Rossignol - Hero Athlete GS Open - Junior

Poplar Wood Core Mini Cap Rectangular Sidewall Fiber 1/2 Titanal (144 cm)
€150,00 €305,00

Rossignol - Hero Athlete GS Pro - R20 Pro

Sidecut: 101-64-84 (144cm) Raggio: 15.0m (144cm) · System R20 Pro · Rectangular Sidewall · Poplar Wood Core · 1/2 Titanal Fiber (135 cm) - Titanal Construction (165 cm)
€189,00 €390,00

Rossignol - Hero Athlete GS Pro (R21 Pro)

Raggio: 14.0m(135cm), 15.0m(144cm), 17.0m(151cm), 18.0m(158cm), 19.0m(165cm) Sidecut: 102|66|84mm(135cm), 101|64|84mm(144cm), 102|65|85mm(151cm), 104|65|86mm(185cm), 106|65|87mm(165cm) - System R21 PRO - Line Control Technology - LCT Core (165cm) - Fiber - Rectangular Sidewall - Poplar Wood Core, Beech Wood Core(165cm)
€245,00 €385,00

Rossignol - Hero Athlete SG Racing

Raggio >30.0m Sidecut: -
€599,00 €950,00

Rossignol - Hero Athlete SL Pro (R21)

Raggio: 11.0m(149cm), 10.0m(142cm), 9.0m(135cm), 8.0m(128cm) Sidecut: 115|65|100mm(149cm), 114|65|99mm(142cm), 113|65|99mm(135cm), 112|65|98mm(128cm) - System R21 PRO - 1/2 Titanal Fiber (149-142cm) - Fiber - Rectangular Sidewall - Poplar Wood Core
€245,00 €385,00

Rossignol - Hero Master (R22)

· System R22 · Rectangular Sidewall · Ash Wood Core · Titanal Construction
€499,00 €975,00

Blizzard - Firebird GS Racing (Flat Plate)

Raggio: 23.0 m
€449,00 €600,00

Nordica - Dobermann GSJ

€99,00 €399,00

Head - WC Rebels i.Speed RP incl. attacco Head Freeflex Evo

Allaccia le cinture e tieniti alla larga dalle piste per principianti, perché con gli i.Speed raggiungerai velocità mai viste prima.

Rossignol - Hero Athlete GS Open

Fiber, Rectangular Sidewall, Poplar Wood Core

Völkl - Racetiger GS PRO incl. attacco Marker Xcomp 12 GW

UVO 3D, 3D.Glass, Powered by Titanium, Full Sidewall, Race Finish 0,8° / 87,6°, Base: P-Tex 4504, Speedwall Multil. Woodcore, Beech/Poplar 70/30
€499,00 €1000,00

Augment - SL World Cup Pro

FIS conform SL ski for racers. Thanks to their special construction, the SL skis are easy to control in the curve and have enormous hold and stability. The Augment torsion box sandwich construction with Titanal - carbon layers and laminated poplar-ash wood core ensures good edge grip in the slalom curves and explosive power from the slalom curves.

Augment - SL Junior Race

The Augment SL Junior Race Skis can be individually adapted to the weight of the athlete, so we give the athlete a unique competitive advantage. By adjusting the stiffness, the driving result can be further improved, every racer gets his optimal ski flex.

Augment - GS World Cup Pro

The Augment GS World Cup Pro Racing Ski is ready for every giant slalom race. The GS WC Pro is a copy of the World Cup FIS GS Ski. This ski has a wider geometry, which maximizes stability and edge grip.

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